wak’ó mujeres phụ nữ women mural


Our title represents the diversity of languages from past and present women in Kansas who called this land their home. The title can be translated to:
Women Women Women Women Mural. 
Wak’ó : Representing the indigenous women of Kanza.
Mujeres : Spanish, the second most spoken language in KS. 
Phụ nữ : Vietnamese, the third most spoken language apart in KS.  

Wak'ó Mujeres Phụ nữ Women Mural: A project that will collect stories of women of color in our community and translate them into a public mural created by women of color artists in Lawrence, KS. 

The written, audio and video stories collected for the mural will be presented on the project's website (coming soon). 

This timely and long overdue project about our history on this land as women of color should not be neglected or forgotten.

Project timeline: June 2017 to June 2018

If you are interested in collaborating, would like to be part of the mural design team, or have any questions. Please, send us an e-mail to wocmural.ks@gmail.com

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