Voices Of The Wakarusa Wetlands


The Voices of the Wakarusa Wetlands project started in the summer of 2012.  The idea came upon listening to an open lecture about the Wakarusa Wetlands (also known as the Haskell-Baker Wetlands) in the Haskell Indian University campus, organized by a student group named Wetlands Preservation Organization (WPO).

Our goal was to visually translate  this extremely rich ecosystem, history and importance of the the Wakarusa Wetlands.  As well as help make the connection between: people, plants, and animals particularly to the Wakarusa Wetlands.

Project created by multimedia history collectors: Connie Fitzpatrick and Robbie Wood.

This is the introduction motion logo for the project! The sound of insects, birds and the blurred image of grasses on this video were recorded in the Wakarusa Wetlands! 

A personal interview with Dr. Daniel Wildcat by Carolina Pardo and Connita Fiorella-Fitzpatrick. Dr. Daniel Wildcat. A Yuchi member of the Muscogee Nation of Oklahoma Haskell Indian Nations University — professor Haskell Environmental Research Studies Center—co-director Honored by the Kansas City organization The Future Is Now with the Heart Peace Award.

Marisalyne Rosario—Sac and Fox tribe and Haskell Indian University student— at Wakarusa Wetlands (Haskell side)— Lawrence, KS